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K12 Computational Thinking Resources

Find the latest tools and learning resources to integrate computational thinking into any curriculum. Whether you are a beginner looking to explore how computational thinking is transforming the way we learn, or an expert aiming to super-charge your computer sciences curriculum.

Much like critical thinking, computational thinking is a higher-level process whereby students can decipher problems and form innovative solutions. What sets computational thinking apart is that it takes into account 21st century technology and overlaps it with key strategies to solve any given challenge. By teaching students to solve problems using the same components as a computer, we prepare them for bright futures where they can combine creativity with computational thinking for ultimate innovation and success.

The seven components to computational thinking: Collect data, analyze data, find patterns, decompose problems, abstract, build models, develop algorithms

Collect Data:
Determine sources from which you will collect data, and decide which qualitative and quantitative data to collect.

Analyze Data
Produce and evaluate charts, and use appropriate statistical methods to test a hypothesis.

Find Patterns
Identify patterns to make predictions, create rules and solve other problems.

Decompose Problems
Take large complicated problems, and break them down into manageable pieces.

Identify similarities and remove details to create a solution that works for many different problems.

Build Models
Test, tweak and refine an object before building it in real life using design software to predict outcomes.

Develop Algorithms
Create solutions using step-by-step instructions that operate like a road map for performing a task.

School to Home

Computational thinking is a method of problem solving that is equally as relevant at home as it is in school. Take advantage of the Ignite My Future in School Family Activities designed to turn family moments into teachable moments that everyone can share in together.

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