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Family Activities

Make family-time an opportunity to engage and learn together. Empower students with the key components of computational thinking, and gain a deeper understanding of problem-solving skills with these exciting and challenging activities developed to have the whole family collaborating.


Grades 6–8 | 45–60 Minutes

In this activity, you and your family will plan your own indoor garden while discovering the ways designers and civic planners use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to build and modify models.


Grades 6–8 | 45–60 Minutes

Discover how data-based analysis is transforming sports as we know it. Explore how models help us see the relationships between things, identify causes and even predict the future.

Secret Code for Mazes

Grades 6–8 | 45–60 Minutes

Work together as a family to solve a maze using binary code. Together, you’ll learn how to analyze a maze the way a computer might and then communicate the solution to the maze using a binary sequence.