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Ignite My Future in School is a comprehensive set of resources seamlessly integrating the principles of computational thinking across the curriculum and at home to give students the 21st century skills they need for future success.

Curriculum for Middle School

Engaging lessons tie in exciting, real-world scenarios

Search our comprehensive curriculum library by subject, computational thinking concept or leading question to be instantly connected to lessons that you can start using to engage your middle-school students today.

Curriculum Connectors

Transdisciplinary resources seamlessly tie across core-subjects

Apply computational thinking to your lessons by integrating standards-aligned curriculum connectors into your instruction. These exciting and collaborative resources complement your existing curriculum with computational thinking exercises and activities.

Family Activities

School-to-home activities bring the family together for fun and learning

From watching and analyzing the latest home-team game together, to planning a garden using computer aided drafting, our family activities provide the opportunity to have fun while providing powerful learning experiences in the process.

Career Vignettes

Video vignettes show computational thinking at work

Meet the professionals who were first inspired by computational concepts in their youth and went on to launch amazing careers in computer science and innovative design.  Inspire students through real-world careers, where solving exciting and complex challenges is an everyday adventure.

K12 Computational Thinking Resources

Top picks to get students interacting with computer science skills

To help you get started, we have vetted and assembled a list of our favorite tools and destinations for middle school students designed to ignite excitement and creativity as they build their skills to create the future.