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Inspire Students to Flex Computational Thinking "Muscles" and Win BIG

December 11th

We need BIG thinkers to help improve the world, and that's why Tata Consultancy Services and Discovery Education are asking innovative middle schoolers to bring their big ideas to propose digital solutions that answer the question “How Can We Improve the World?” to WIN a $10K scholarship. Join us for Ignite My Future in School’s latest webisode to hear from teachers across the US on how they plan to encourage their students to flex their computational thinking and problem solving skills to enter the 2019-20 Ignite Innovation Student Challenge. You'll also hear from our inaugural Ignite Innovation Student Challenge Grand Prize winner, Ryan H. from California as he shares his process for coming up with his winning idea for an early warning fire detection system and his inspiration for entering (SPOILER ALERT: it was his Science teacher!!) Speaking of inspiration, also hear a recap from the TCS New York City Marathon and the collaboration with New York Road Runners to learn about the Sports and Health Lesson Bundle! Find out how you can access this content and share ideas on with your peers on how to use this in your classroom.

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Inspire Real World Problem Solving with Computational Thinking

Looking for ways to inspire your students to take on real world problems? Can students be inspired to step out and lead global change? Join us for Ignite My Future in School’s latest webisode to hear from teachers across North America as they share how they plan to use Computational Thinking to make an impact this school year, including implementing the “Build A Movement” lesson plan designed to inspire students to tackle a social issue using Computational Thinking. You’ll even meet a student that started a movement to spread kindness when his community was rocked by a horrific tragedy – 11-year-old Ruben was inspired to develop the #ElPasoChallenge and it went viral! Join us as we celebrate a new school year, educators, students and the ability to make an impact in your community and the world.

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Build Your Personal Learning Network in 2019

Build Your Personal Learning Network in 2019

What does collaboration look like? Have you ever asked yourself “how could I collaborate with my school librarian or P.E. teacher?” Join us for the next Ignite My Future in School webisode to explore how collaboration among educators can enhance student engagement and lead to real-world problem solving in your classroom! Hear from Learning Leaders from across the country who are using the Ignite My Future transdisciplinary resources to collaborate in their school communities. Kevin Honeycutt will also be sharing his tips to connect with other educators and break down the four walls of your classroom. Join us for this engaging webisode and the corresponding Twitter chat. 

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Computational Thinking Solutions from the EdTech Field

What does computational thinking look like in the field for leading EdTech leaders? Join us as we take a deep dive into some of the tech solutions infused within an Ignite My Future in School in-person day of professional learning. You will discover how computational thinking is used, in the daily lives of our EdTech partners like 3D Bear, Flipgrid, GooseChase, and You Can Do the Cube. Gain access and insight into real world computational thinking, in action.

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A 360 View Inside Ignite My Future Classrooms

What does computational thinking look like in transdisciplinary classrooms in Wisconsin, Maryland and Texas? During this webisode, we will introduce three diverse teachers who will share their experiences, as they immerse their students in real world problem solving. Get a look inside their classrooms as students and teachers are changing their communities, with the help of Ignite My Future resources and computational thinking.

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Learn-Share-Connect: Computational Thinking in the Classroom

Learn-Share-Connect: Computational Thinking in the Classroom

Practical strategies fuel the engine of learning in every classroom. Educators are constantly on the lookout for these highly valued tidbits of instructional gold, especially when they come from other educators. During this webisode, we will hear from educators that are using computational thinking strategies in their classrooms.

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Going Viral

Computational thinking is NOT just about computers! It is a skill that transforms problem-solving across subjects and disciplines. Watch and learn as we walk through a model transdisciplinary lesson that applies computational thinking concepts to real-world situations for today’s students.

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Transforming the Future by Leading the Pack

Steve Dembo literally wrote the book on 21st Century edtech. In this webisode, he will explain why it is so important to be an early adopter of computational thinking and the long-term edge it will provide the students learning through this process as they face the opportunities of the future. 

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Ignite My Future in School - An Introduction

In our premiere webisode, we showcase teachers and principals in action paving the way toward a transdisciplinary environment for their students.  We will also walk through ways to further your using Ignite My Future in School‘s resources.