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Experience the pillars of Ignite My Future In School through our dynamic new webisode series. Each online event is designed to build confidence and understanding around key areas supporting computational thinking and transdisciplinary education. Register now to join LIVE. 

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Learn-Share-Connect: Computational Thinking in the Classroom

Learn-Share-Connect: Computational Thinking in the Classroom

March 20th, 7:00PM ET

Practical strategies fuel the engine of learning in every classroom. Educators are constantly on the lookout for these highly valued tidbits of instructional gold, especially when they come from other educators. During this webisode, we will hear from educators that are using computational thinking strategies in their classrooms.

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Ignite My Future in School - An Introduction

In our premiere webisode, we showcase teachers and principals in action paving the way toward a transdisciplinary environment for their students.  We will also walk through ways to further your using Ignite My Future in School‘s resources. 

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Transforming the Future by Leading the Pack

Steve Dembo literally wrote the book on 21st Century edtech. In this webisode, he will explain why it is so important to be an early adopter of computational thinking and the long-term edge it will provide the students learning through this process as they face the opportunities of the future. 

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Going Viral

Computational thinking is NOT just about computers! It is a skill that transforms problem-solving across subjects and disciplines. Watch and learn as we walk through a model transdisciplinary lesson that applies computational thinking concepts to real-world situations for today’s students.