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Idea Starters

The Ignite Innovation Student Challenge Idea Starters are intended to help you identify a problem and think about a creative digital solution to answer the question: How can we improve the world? Consult the Idea Starters to guide as you dive in and share this letter with parents and guardians to provide an overview of the Ignite Innovation Student Challenge.

4 Week Road Map

Guide students through the 4 Week Road Map culminating in completing their entry.

Challenge Overview

Explore the overview of the key elements of the Ignite Innovation Student Challenge including tips for entry video creation.

Planning Guide

Use the step by step guidance on how to create your idea for a digital solution answering the question: How can we improve the world with a digital solution?

Computational Thinking Strategies

Review in order to highlight at least two computational thinking strategies to explain how you created your digital solution.

Challenge Templates

Use the storyboard, flow diagram or two column storyboard to help guide your thinking as you develop your challenge entry.

Challenge Rules

Carefully review the rules to ensure entry meets all criteria before submission.