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Ignite Innovation Student Challenge: Brief

Much of your life is likely spent using technology. Technology improves our lives by solving problems, making tasks easier, and by providing entertainment. Students are invited to submit their idea of a digital solution via 2-minute video narrative. Learn more below.

Submit your entry by Thursday, April 9th at 8PM ET!

You’re probably used to interacting with a computer or mobile device by clicking on things or scrolling. Everything you are clicking on consists of code that tells the device how to retrieve information, display the application, and how to react to your clicks. But someone had to teach a computer or device to do this. And even before that, someone had to figure out how to represent or process this information using something as simple as paper, pencil, and the most important tool, their brain! That’s where you come in! Finding problems to solve and great ideas are the first step of designing a digital solution.

Basic Requirements:

  • In order to participate in the Ignite Innovation Student Challenge, all students must receive Parent/Guardian consent. To register and provide consent, Parent/Guardians are directed to click “Enter the challenge” and follow the prompts to complete registration.  
  • The Ignite Innovation Student Challenge is open to groups of 1-4 students in grades 6-8 and at least 10 years old will identify a problem to solve utilizing a digital solution in the form of a mobile app, websites, robots, wearable tech, smart home device, etc. The digital solution must answer the following question: How can we improve the world?

Rules to Consider for Creating Entry:

It’s important to review all the Challenge Rules, but here are some to keep top of mind as you work on your entry:

A Student or Team (up to 4) must identify a new digital solution based on the Student/Team’s own original idea. The Student/Team must create a one- to two- minute video that:

  • describes a problem in one of the three pillars of Health, Our Planet, or Education;
  • explains how the digital solution solves a local, national, or global issue;
  • identifies the population being served;
  • explains benefits of the digital solution; and
  • identifies at least one computational thinking strategy used to develop the digital solution.

Entry Video Tips

  • Your entry video must be longer than 60 seconds, but no longer than 120 seconds.
  • YouTube links with the video’s privacy settings set to “Unlisted” must be added to entry by 8PM on April 9, 2020 to be considered.
  • Entry videos must not contain any music or any third-party images of any kind.
  • Entries are accepted from individual students and from team of 4 or less students. Only one entry per person (Team Leader or Individual) are allowed.
  • For team submissions, each Student team member must appear in the video, and each must give a portion of the presentation within the video.